Solution for drone instability

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In recent years, drones have become increasingly important in everyday life. Due to the epidemic, these devices also appeared in manufacturing and quality control, while they were already popular in shipping and other applications.

The other Latin name of the drone already points to one of the main problems of the device: after four propellers, these devices are also called quadrocopters. The main problem is if one of the four propellers stops for some reason. In this case, the structure becomes unstable and can easily be accidented or crashed.

Researchers at the University of Zurich and Delft University of Technology have found a solution to this problem. If one of the propellers stops, the drone can be kept upright using the emergency stabilizer based on the information in the cameras. This is due to an algorithm written by the researchers that detects the trouble based on the images in the cameras (since the drone starts rotating when one of the propellers stops) and then starts the emergency stabilizer. A big advantage of the second, so-called emergency camera, is that it works effectively in the dark, unlike the basic camera of drones. According to an article in Manufacturing Global, this solution is a milestone in droning because propeller shutdowns often cause accidents. In addition to private use, drones play a role in shipping and even quality control, and their role is growing.

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