Skydio is a drone manufacturer

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Skydio became the first U.S. drone manufacturer to be valued at more than $ 1 billion. According to reports, this is a sign that after America blacklisted Chinese drone manufacturers, huge investments are pouring into the U.S. drone industry. Skydio, for example, has recently been able to raise $ 170 million in capital. Yet it is not really a well-known name in the drones and self-flying technology (autonomous obstacle navigation and user tracking) sector. Skydio’s first drone was the $ 2,500 R1, released in 2018, and then a year later, the $ 1,000 Skydio 2 arrived. Last year, it introduced the X2 to business and military customers. There are signs that the manufacturer will focus on business products, as this sector is growing really fast in the drone market. Citing data from Valuates Reports, the Financial Times says last year’s $ 6.5 billion commercial drone market will be worth $ 35 billion in 5 years.

Drones can be used on construction sites, for surveillance, in emergencies, for self-flying solutions to be mapped, and one of Skydio’s big customers may be the U.S. government itself. This is because drones containing Chinese components from U.S. authorities and organizations have been withdrawn from circulation for fear of espionage. Thus, American companies can now gain a great competitive advantage. Although 70 percent of consumer sales are still tied to the DJI name, the company can no longer sell to U.S. government customers, and changing market conditions make it difficult to predict which company to expect in the future. Skydio is reportedly expected to be a U.S. Army partner soon, Wired says the company has already signed with the Air Force and drug authorities, and is also in talks with police. Skydio says it has no plans to equip its drones with weapons and is also working on new solutions for consumers.

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