Security guard drones

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For control purposes, drones are already used in many outdoor areas, but have not yet become widespread indoors, where GPS service is not always available. However, this may change with the introduction of the Tando system. Developed by the Israeli Indoor Robotics startup, the Tando system consists of three components: a four-rotor flying drone, a ceiling-mounted, tile-shaped battery where the drones can charge themselves, and an application that allows users to operate the system.

If the drones are not “patrolling” at the moment, they will hang at the bottom of the charging station and will be held in this hanging position by a special docking structure. As soon as patrol time comes, they set off – usually after employees have left the office – the drone disconnects from the battery and begins inspections in the aisles of the facility. The drones basically work in collaboration with each other and cover different areas, however, if the customer has a smaller budget or building, only one drone can be commissioned. With the help of optical and thermal imaging cameras, drones are constantly exploring their surroundings 360 degrees – even when they are on a charger. The data is processed in real time using artificial intelligence-based algorithms on a cloud-based server. If any anomalies are detected, such as intruders, fires, or unknown objects, administrators will be notified immediately through the app.

Instead of using GPS, drones recognize certain waypoints and work with built-in LiDAR-like technology, so they actually navigate using visual navigation. Ofir Bar Levav, Managing Director of Indoor Robotics, said: The device actually “sees” its surroundings and “feels” the distances, so it is always aware of its exact position. The commercial price of the system has not yet been made public, but the executive says it will be significantly cheaper than traditional alternatives such as human security guards, ground-mounted drones, or fixed stationary sensors.

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