Prombdrone Black Bee drone

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Prombdrone Black Bee introduced the concept of a drone that developers say can fly more efficiently than tipping rotor drones. In recent years, a wide variety of drones have been developed by industry players, in all forms, for all purposes. The Prombdrone Black Bee device from the Latvian company Dartz Motorz ​​combines the design and features of helicopters and airplanes.

Based on the images provided by Yanko Design, it may seem like a sizable military drone, in fact, the structure fits ample on top of an average urban SUV. In a device designed jointly with a drone manufacturer called Fixar, the developers say that the mix of airplanes and helicopters was achieved in such a way that only the advantageous features are carried forward by the construction. The two companies tried to create the device so that it would not only be an object of use, but also a fashionable accessory. The unit can take off and land like a helicopter, while the rotors turn smoothly, so you can travel at high speeds shortly after takeoff. It is not yet known when the device will be made, when and for how much.

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