VoloDrone is a multi-purpose drone

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Volocopter is not only one of the world’s leading developers of urban air taxi services, but also of non-passenger drone services based on the same technology. In preparation for the new era, when non-tractor-drawn sprayers will be in the majority, they jointly developed a crop protection drone. Its 200-pound lifting capacity and today, a charge of half an hour of stable operating time puts them at the top of the world. Replacing the batteries takes no longer than filling the tanks with spray.

A new era of aerial spraying has arrived, as the drone can be programmed for robotic flight or driven from the edge of the plantation or remotely. It is able to fly very low, following the topography, with a spraying capacity of 6 hectares per hour. Plant protection of grapes, orchards, and field vegetables will be preferred, although today high-potency is scarce, so it can be used elsewhere. If we combine the GPS parameters of the crop to be sprayed, the VoloDrone also flies down the edges, there is no unnecessary spraying. The autopilot can also handle the smaller slice.In general, the VoloDrone is a high-performance drone capable of carrying a payload of 200 kg up to a distance of 40 km. But you can perform special lifting tasks with that much load, save a person in a cart, and even list apps.

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