Loyal Wingman drone

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Boeing has completed the first copy of the Loyal Wingman combat drone for Australia’s armed forces, produced in collaboration with local companies, and the test program may begin soon. The artificial intelligence-equipped drone (Unmanned Air Vechile – UAV), which can be used in conjunction with autonomous as well as man-made combat aircraft, is the first combat aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia in the last fifty years, Boeing said in a statement. From research and development to manufacturing, a total of thirty-five local companies were involved in the program and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

They tried to use the most modern technologies available for everything, for example, the machine was made of a large proportion of composite. The model is also the basis for the manufacturer’s Airpower Teaming System (ATS), which has been developed for the global market. The RAAF hopes that the widespread use of Loyal Wingman will expose fighter personnel to less risk in the future. From the experience of previous experiments, it is clear that automation can control several more from the cockpit of a single man-made combat aircraft, and they can make a significant contribution to the success of missions, which is also the basis of the Australian vision. However, the RAAF has evolved all this with multifunctional, easily replaceable sensors that occupy the entire nose of the machine. Their use can meet the continent’s military needs from a restrained budget with a realistic fleet.

The first specimen of the pilots ’future loyal companion will be subjected to ground tests in the next period, after which rolling tests may come, and if there are no major problems, more comprehensive testing may take place in 2021 because the first virgin flight took place in 2020.

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