Kawasaki drone helicopter

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Kawasaki is best known for their super-fast engines, although the Japanese company has been interested in a range of industries from gun manufacturing to aircraft engines. A manned helicopter has now been built that can travel remotely and fully automatically, and the company claims it will be much faster than traditional helicopters. This is due to the special design of the K-Racer IV, as the engineers left the rear rotor when designing the helicopter, but in return put one on the wings of the machine. In doing so, they have partially eliminated the problem of so-called retreating blade stiffness, which has so far been a physical limit to the speed of helicopters, as for conventional helicopters above a certain speed, the retracting blade simply loses buoyancy. The K-Racer IV is just a prototype so far, but TransportUp says the company wants to compete with Yamaha’s self-driving helicopters, which have been developed for agricultural tasks.

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