Japanese transport is being prepared for planes

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In Japan, preparing for the future, they are creating new traffic rules for flying cars. This was instructed by the Japanese government when it set up a panel of developers and officials for the task. They form a new “TRAFFIC” in Japan – traffic rules for flying cars. In a Far Eastern country known for its technological advancements, the Winged Bounty Hunter, the Fifth Element and other futuristic films are set for the future, with vehicles zigzagging between skyscrapers.

The Japanese government’s council of developers and ministry officials will meet later this year to develop traffic rules and standards for the next generation of cars. Japan by the time of the 2020 Olympics, it already wants to introduce flying cars and by 2023 it would have put the first such vehicles into service. The project, involving public and private capital, was announced by Tokyo government chief Cabinet Suga Josihide and urged “new players to join” the plans. According to the Japan Times, this was a covert criticism of traditional domestic carmakers for investing little energy in developing such cars.

As he said, flying cars would first be introduced in the mountainous areas of the island country or in cases where you have to travel to remote islands. In addition, they would be used by rescue services in times of natural disasters. On the roads of Japanese cities, motorists often bribe due to traffic jams, despite the fact that in many cities, traffic travels on multi-level highways.

Flying car technology is already being used by several startup companies, and most of these vehicles for the time being resemble large drones that are capable of vertical take-off and landing. While development is advancing at a rapid pace, little attention has been paid so far to safety standards and traffic regulations. In the newly created body, this will be considered by government, transport, infrastructure, economic and tourism government experts and representatives of development companies.

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