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Ivo Boscarol, the head of the electrician, Pipistrel, has also been aiming for the cargo world these days, having recently become the first commercially available aircraft electric motor and propulsion system.

Although one of his presentations previously mentioned too many rotors as not an elegant solution, now eight pieces have been put on the aircraft of the robot taking off from the new cargo space. Each is lifted into the air by the patented Pipistrel Pipistrel E-811 electric motor drive system. Pipistrel has never built a truck, but has been constantly innovating for 30 years. However, the new solutions will be easier to authorize because of the lower risk, as if it were a passenger. On the other hand, the business is already going here, Amazon is already shipping packages to the US.

Furthermore, they don’t expect high-performance batteries either, but because of the increase in range, they put a traditional gasoline reciprocating engine they also used at the end of the fuselage.

Hybrid cargo takes off or lands vertically anywhere, and travels like an airplane on the route because of its wings. Robot control can not only be monitored remotely but also reprogrammed. Pipistrel has already gained enough control experience with the eVTOL 801 hybrid air taxi, essentially this is being transferred here.

There are two versions of Pipistrel Nuuva Cargo. The larger will be the primary, which can carry a load of 300 kg with an average of more than 300 kilometers. That’s why V300 is the sign. But with a load of 50 kilograms, it can fly up to 2,500 kilometers on its own. And you can take 460 kilograms of packages for a shorter-than-average period. The description promises a cruising speed of around 160 km / h and a cruising altitude of nearly 2,500 meters. Through the opening nose, a truck can place 3 EU-sized pallets in the load compartment. But other packaging configurations will also exist, with fixation.

With the smaller V20 signal, you can usually carry 20 kilograms in a shorter distance. It can be packed on top. The Pipistrel Nuuva V20 will be available next year and the V300 will be available for 2023. The cost per load is a tenth of the helicopter transport and can also fly to a location that a pilot would be reluctant to undertake.

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