Airbus and ErlingKlinger by electricity

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ErlingKlinger has announced that the company will work with Airbus to electrify aircraft propulsion, more specifically in the area of ​​fuel cells. As the partnership progresses, a joint venture will be launched at a later stage.

In the new company, Airbus will be the majority owner, with ErlingKlinger saying the new company will have adequate access to research in the desired area. The establishment of the new joint venture could be completed by the end of this year, according to a German supplier, the deal is worth tens of millions of euros.

Prior to the agreement, Airbus conducted extensive research into the fuel cell market, as a result of which ErlingKlinger was able to convince the company that it was worth working with them to achieve Airbus’ goals.

Energy density is especially important in aviation. Stefan Wolf, CEO of ErlingKlinger, said of the agreement that the energy density of cells is particularly important in the aviation industry, but that fuel cells must meet a number of rather strict criteria due to the conditions and characteristics of aviation. Wolf highlighted that the company has been doing research in the field for twenty years and has been a parts supplier to many companies ever since. He added that he sees great potential in electrifying aviation.

Airbus sees a reduction in aviation emissions in hydrogen-based fuels. The company aims to be able to launch a carbon-neutral aircraft by 2035, as is the E-Fan X project.

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