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Most people think of Honda for cars and bikes, but the Japanese conglomerate has a lot more than that. Resources, solar cells, industrial robots and aircraft, among other things, fit neatly into its portfolio. The company this week provided some information on the specific areas it intends to focus on in the near future.

Like many others, Honda is betting that easy-to-maneuver VTOL vehicles can revolutionize transportation. Referring to the term vertical take-off and landing, they are, true to their name, capable of vertical take-off and landing, giving them much more flexibility in their choice of operating area than, say, the Slovak flying car.

The Honda air taxi fantasy drawing
The Honda air taxi fantasy drawing

The development of Honda’s own vehicle could, of course, draw heavily on the giant’s existing solutions. For the time being, only a concept car will be powered by a gas turbine hybrid engine, alongside the lithium battery technology already in use. This will ensure that the flying taxi can travel easily between two relatively distant cities.

The programme is still at a very early stage, and the Japanese have not wanted to give an unrealistic timeframe for a possible launch. However, Honda sees great potential not only in the vehicle but also in the ecosystem around it. Developments will therefore include technologies and devices to operate flying vehicles and extend their mobility.

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