Flying car before production

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The Slovak Stefan Klein is not the kind to give up. He had no luck with his previous flying car, the Aeromobile – he crashed on one of the test tracks in 2015 – but now he has successfully completed his first take-off with a new brand new aircraft.

The new aircraft, introduced as the Klein Vision Aircar last year in China, is the result of a thorough development. At first glance, it was much more car-like than the Aeromobil: while there the rear undercarriage was essentially integrated with the vertical guide plane, here the functions are much more clearly separated. The rear control surfaces are pushed back relatively long by the vehicle before flight, and wings stored longitudinally folded and folded are already carried under the cover between the front and rear wheels.

The propeller solution, on the other hand, remained, and based on the sound heard in places in the video, the engine is likely to be similar to the 1.2-liter Rotax used in Aeromobil. Exact data have not been reported yet, although the inventor speaks of a top speed of 200 km / h and a range of 1000 km.

As a car, it is likely that Aircar will soon receive the necessary licenses for distribution, but it promises to be a much more costly and lengthy process to obtain the necessary approvals from the aviation authorities as an aircraft. Compared to this, it is only a small pitfall that such a machine needs two types of license if we want to use its capabilities.

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