Embraer flying car

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The concept of flying cars has come up more and more often in recent years, and it is not at all ruled out that over time all this will indeed become a reality.

Those who move a little at home in the aerospace industry are certainly already dead from a Brazilian company called Embraer, which has been manufacturing various commercial, military, private and agricultural aircraft since 1969, in addition to paying close attention to automated systems.

The company has now decided to celebrate their 50th anniversary with their own visual design of what the traffic of the future will look like. The study is called Pulse and is made up of two main parts.

More specifically, the Pulse eVTOL is an air taxi that transports passengers to their destination upon order. As soon as it hits the ground, eVtol’s cabin is “transformed” to provide the comfort and services of an electric car to passengers, who can take advantage of self-driving technology.

So, according to Embraer, this is how transport will somehow look like 50 years from now, and given the transformation the sector has undergone in recent years, it’s easy to imagine they haven’t even dreamed so much.

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