China is testing military drones

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China can deploy a special drone army, more precisely, an army. The devices are made to withdraw other troops, to destroy military targets, by sacrificing themselves.

The idea of ​​drones for military purposes is not new, but even so, what is special is the development they are experimenting with in China: flying units try to inflict damage on enemies with kamikaze action, that is, their own deliberate collision. For example, by flying to an important object that is difficult or impossible to repair due to the operation that also caused the explosion.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the drones were developed to order by the Chinese state. Unmanned equipment can also attack as a team, and can be launched from a helicopter or ground tactical vehicle – meaning it’s not just good for land “jobs”. In both cases, the drones are said to take a few seconds to shoot.

Insiders say the devices are similar to the CH-901, China’s first tactical drone, though almost nothing is known about them. The CH-901s are just 1.2 meters long, weigh 9 kilograms, and can spend up to 120 minutes in the air before being used for blasting. The structures are also very fast:

They can fly at 150 km / h, so the destination doesn’t have much time to escape.

The SCMP obtained information about the new drones through insiders. These include the fact that the structures are not yet ready, as a number of technical obstacles hinder their operation. The artificial intelligence that controls drones, for example, is still too slow to respond, allowing the vehicle to maneuver relatively slowly. And this is not at all conducive to future deployment in a sharp situation.

China is said to be modernizing this part of its army due to advances in drone technology owned by the United States. The United States also used a drone to liquidate Kassim Suleiman, who became famous as the most influential military leader of the Persian state, and the car carrying the general.

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