Atlas Aero air taxi

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Atlas Aero’s air taxi solution is interesting and elegant, and the prototype is said to be ready to fly next year. Anyone who follows the news about the future of personal mobility has been sensing for some time that we are getting closer to the age of the urban air taxi. Local, zero-emission drones will take off from the tops of skyscrapers and carry their passengers to their destinations – wherever they need to go. But no one knows yet which of the many spectacular concepts will prove viable in practice.

The German Atlas Aero concept, for example, combines the capabilities of multicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. At the IAA 2021 mobility exhibition in Munich, the company exhibited an exciting model, half-finished in itself, which showed how the creators envisioned the look and future of this machine.

Atlas Aero’s developers are not yet planning to include a pure electric in-line hybrid drive system with an internal combustion engine in the prototype. Carbon-neutral operation is ensured by the use of e-fuel, which they calculate requires about five litres of biofuel per 100 kilometres. The range is planned to be around 1,500 kilometres, with a cruising speed of 300 km/h. The development team plans to test fly the prototype for the first time next year.

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