An electric “flying car” was introduced in Japan

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A prototype of an electric “flying car” was unveiled on Monday near Tokyo by Japanese electronics company NEC Corp. First, I want to leverage technology in freight transportation During a demonstration at the company’s Abiko plant, a drone-like vehicle equipped with four propellers rose to a height of 3 meters, then, after about a minute of floating, he descended back to the ground.

The “flying car”, 3.9 meters long, 1.3 meters high and 3.7 meters wide, carried out the test flight in a gigantic cage set up for safety reasons. The unmanned 148-kilogram vehicle uses software developed by NEC Corp. for flight control and positioning. The company itself does not want to engage in aircraft manufacturing, but hopes the technology it develops will be used from 2023 in these vehicles, used primarily for freight transport.

The Japanese government sees the development of flying cars as a matter of the heart. The company plans to offer the technology to a Japanese startup called Cartivator, with which it signed an agreement last year.

The more than 80 other companies, including Panasonic Corp. and Cartivator, supported by Toyota Motor Corp., wants to commission its two-seater car from 2023, and by 2026 it is already planning mass production.

It would be used in urban transport as early as 2030. Flying cars could be used in rescue work in tourism, leisure, freight and disaster-stricken areas, as well as helping to alleviate traffic congestion, but regulations are still lacking. However, the Japanese government would use them in urban transport as early as the 2030s.


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