An Australian millionaire will launch the world’s first flying car race in 2021

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Australians have completely run out of medicine, but as we look at this sport, we have to think: This is the best thing that has happened to cars and motorsports lately.

If you believe Matt Pearson is an Australian millionaire and everything is going according to plan, in 2021 we will be holding a car race called “F1 of the Horizon”. Related to this is the fact that Pearson’s Alauda Aeronautics company has been introducing prototypes of “multicopters” for some time and recently announced that it has received more serious capital injections from Australia’s two largest investment companies, Saltwater Capital and Jelix Ventures. The prototype was even unveiled last year in England at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The company planned to conduct personal tests in 2020 even in the Mojave Desert, California, before the pandemic crossed it. However, the Australian company is confident that things will return to normal and be able to launch a tournament called Airspeeder next year.

The multicopters competing in the league will be fully electric, with a total of eight engines, and will compete with or without pilots. Their Alauda Aeronautics Airspeeder racing aircraft take off and land vertically and can reach speeds of up to 80 km / h.

The company has already officially confirmed two of the tournament’s races, which will take place in the Mojave Desert in California and in the remote Australian town of Coober Pedy.

We’re already negotiating with other venues around the world, and the interest in the series has been amazing, Matt said.

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