AirNova plans to build vertiports in France for air taxis and ground transportation

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AirNova, a French start-up, has a vision of creating a network of vertiports across France to increase the accessibility and popularity of air taxis.

The company, based in Bordeaux, recently sought out investors with the goal of raising approximately €3.5 million in the first round of funding, with the company’s founder contributing €500 million. AirNova believes that this amount of funding will enable them to start building the necessary structures and obtain the rights to certain patents to make their plan a reality.

The vertiports will not only support 10-30 km of downtown freight and passenger transport, but also serve as a hub for 50-300 km of eVTOL services, as well as ground taxis, buses, and trains. While there are already multiple vertiport networks in development, including those from Volocopter and Skyports, AirNova’s founder, Laurent Mathionlon, believes their familiarity with French business, society, and urban transport gives them an advantage over their competitors.


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