A major car manufacturer has caught up with Boeing

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U.S. aircraft giant Boeing and Larry Page-funded company Kitty Hawk have partnered to develop semi-autonomous Cora and Flyer drones (if you may not have known, Larry Page is one of Google’s founding owners, he has something to grind into milk).

These vehicles can also be called small-sliding cars, the Cora can seat at least two passengers, and the Flyer is only a single person, but in return it is ready for production. For both types, it can be said that the autopilot does most of the work in flight. The Kitty Hawk, by the way, is not secretly working to make the Cora suitable for cruising around the cities over time, avoiding the obstacles posed by traffic jams.

Although the term flying car is stuck on machines, they are more like the love child of a small airplane and a helicopter. According to the most professional name, such a machine falls into the category of VTOL (vertical take-off and landing aircraft). This, of course, allows you to travel in a straight line in the air in the same way as an airplane.

By the way, you can also hear of a flying car that anyone is supposed to be able to afford, and its range will be around 550 km.

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