Weaknesses in European drone regulation

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Unmanned aerial vehicles vary considerably in some regions and countries of the world regulatory environment setting the framework for the practical use of Unfortunately, the necessary consensus has not yet been reached within the European Union, which would even allow the development of uniform guidelines for the use of drones alone and promulgation.

The weapon of the 21st century is the military drone

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Marine Corps Commander Kenneth McKenzie Jr. drew attention in an online conference to the fact that certain religious fanatics are risking upset the balance of power in armed Iraq, which belongs to the area under his command, by arming drones made for civilian use.

NASA is also developing its electric aircraft

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NASA wants electric aircraft carrying passengers to be in service by 2035.mIn recent years, more and more places have heard about the development of electric aircraft. AirBus is scheduled to carry passengers with them by 2035, and the magniX set a nice record in the summer of 2020.

EHang Supports Chinese National Transportation Network Plan

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China’s State Council issued guidelines for the development of a comprehensive transportation network by 2035. Entitled “Guidelines of the National Comprehensive Transportation Network Plan” (the “Guidelines”), this important national strategic initiative advocates for the development of a modern, high-quality and intelligent transportation network.

Maybe Joby Aviation will also be among the first ?

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While Volocopter, Lilium and many others have been developing their take-off and landing electric planes (eVTOL) in public for years, reporting all the news immediately, Joby Aviation of California has managed to stay almost completely under the radar so far.