You can already buy a ticket so that you can be one of the first to take an air taxi

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The 15-minute trip costs € 300, but only a tenth of the bill has to be paid in advance. They only sell a thousand tickets.

The German air taxi departing called Volocopter is so confident that he has started towing in advance. The campaign, called VoloFirst, has a specific marketing goal, so only a thousand tickets can be purchased in advance. The price of 300 euros includes an approx. A 15-minute flight, which the company also records on video, and the company also gives a diploma to the pioneers.

As they write, the licensing process for air taxis is not yet complete, but we already have a schedule for the introduction of commercial service over the next few years. The company expects to be able to start regular passenger transport within 2-3 years.

It is not yet known how much the shipping will cost. The price just announced is only a priority for definite early adopters who want to be the first in this as well. You can apply for the flight from anywhere in the world on the registration page created for this purpose. Only ten percent of the price of the trip, 30 euros, must be paid in advance.

Founded in 2011, the startup is undoubtedly the most promising European player in this market. It is no coincidence that last year, among others, Daimler joined the company, which first flew its aircraft in 2016, which was not even piloted by an autopilot, but by an employee of the company. Since then, they have gone through a series of live test flights, including in Singapore, Helsinki and Stuttgart.

Although they have already used robotic pilots on their experimental flights, this is not the most attractive element of the Volocopter concept, but that it has also developed the infrastructure in parallel with the vehicles. Reliable and built infrastructure is at least as important in this case as the safety of the flying structure. Last year, a prototype taxi station was introduced to provide the full ground server background (customer service, technical inspections, etc.), along with a mobile app that allows passengers to use the service (order, pay, etc.).

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