Urban air mobility in Paris

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Paris transport companies have brought together the world’s leading Urban Air Mobility (UAM) companies in a common test area on the outskirts of Paris. Preparations for the 2024 Paris Olympics were also a big attraction. From 1 July this year, the main test area will be Pontoise-Cormeilles-en-Vexin Airport and its surroundings, inaugurated on 30 September 2020. Manufacturers can present their vehicles and services in five areas. Some of the 30 contributors selected:

1. Aircraft Developers: Manufacturers of unmanned aerial unmanned aerial taxis and cargo drones. Full of big guns like Volocopter, EHang, Pipistrel, Airbus and Safran. So far, everyone has flown themselves, most notably Ehang. From July 1 this year, they can experiment in front of each other, which is – finally – the inclusion of the UAM industry among the accepted modes of transport.

2. Urban infrastructure, which is essential for the direct operation of aircraft. The various vertiports where passenger and goods are handled, vehicles are stored, maintained, and charged with electricity.

3. Operations, intermodal solutions, maintainers or digital platforms. The most notable in terms of maintenance are Air France, or the Dassault Falcon Service, but helicopter manufacturers and maintenance companies also appear.

4. Airspace integration: unmanned traffic management (UTM) or communication and navigation systems. In addition to the French Civil Aviation Authority and EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, Thales.

5. Public acceptance of UAM, some are also famous here, such as the Institute of Transportation at the University of California, Berkeley, the Royal Netherlands Aviation Center, French universities and flying schools.

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