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Uber could sell a division called Uber Elevate in a few weeks and they are said to stop developing self-driving cars as well.

In recent years, several companies have been working hard to reform urban – and perhaps inter-urban – transport. One such company is Uber, which, after revolutionizing taxiing, also began working on the development of flying taxis.

The company has previously come up with a whole specific schedule: in 2018, it was announced that in addition to Dallas and Los Angeles, Japan, France, Brazil, Australia and India are also preparing to start testing ubAIR. Their goal is to be able to launch their fleets by 2023.

How much Uber is doing with the works has not been heard much lately, but in the days it has emerged that they will get out of the project. According to Axios, Uber is in talks with a company called Joby Aviation to sell them Uber Elevate, a division that develops flying taxis. The two companies have not revealed any details about the matter, but reports are said to be so advanced that they could hit the deal in a few weeks.

Incidentally, the name Joby Aviation has already appeared alongside Uber, as the two companies have cooperated in the air taxi service. Elevate was engaged in helicopter passenger transportation in New York, but this was halted due to the coronavirus epidemic. To know that Uber’s decision may be that the company wants to focus on surely profitable projects, and ubAIR would only start making money in years to come. For similar reasons, they are said to want to divorce the self-driving car development department as well.

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