Turkey is also preparing for drone transport

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Turkey is establishing an infrastructure for civilian goods transport by drones, according to TRT, the official website of Turkish Radio and Television.

Turkey’s General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) is developing a management model to regulate, license and operate drones for civilian use. The model aims to ensure the safe and efficient use of Turkish civil airspace.

The objective of the authority is to be able to centrally monitor all movements of the 50 170 drones currently registered in the system in the licensed air corridors through a module designed by SHGM and deployable on aircraft. The model will identify the main inter-city flight corridors for drones, the appropriate flight channels within the city and will implement a management structure and rules to ensure mobility of the lines.

Drones will be used initially in the health sector, in particular to deliver blood and medicine to hard-to-reach areas.Although drones are more often heard of in the context of military applications, they are used in a wide range of fields from agriculture to search and rescue, from fighting forest fires to traffic management, from weather forecasting to broadcasting.

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