This is how drones help fight the coronavirus epidemic

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Drones are used worldwide to fight the coronavirus epidemic, such as quarantine or curfew control, street disinfection. Almost all countries in the world are beginning to use drones in policing and rescue. The drones were first called to help with the defense at the starting point of the coronavirus epidemic, China’s Hubei Province. In the Asian country, however, even at the height of the epidemic, their application was only bouncing, unlike in other parts of the world.

The use of the devices is varied: to avoid contact between people, such as compact thermal imaging body temperature control, delivery of goods, and street disinfection. There is a solution that has matured for almost everything for years, only it has not been widely used so far because there was no demand or serious will for it. In more and more places, volunteer drone pilots have taken part in several rescues at the request of official bodies, such as searching for missing persons. It doesn’t require millions of professional tools, and most commercially available multi-motor drones with cameras can now be involved in rescue tasks. There is no need for special training either, as anyone who flies a drone 10-15 hours a month from a hobby can already become a good helper, but the authorities cannot accept such help from private individuals.

There is also widespread use of loudspeaker drones in areas under partial bribery or full quarantine, which, while not directly preventing the spread of the virus, warn residents in public areas despite the ban – in some cases by playing the mayor’s rumbling words. In addition, videos of drone owners ’funny solutions pop up, most of them figuring out otherwise professional boxed solutions from Chinese courier companies to“ deliver ”toilet paper or hand sanitizer (tied to the bottom of the drones) to their quarantined acquaintances, or just have fun.

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