The US wants kamikaze drones

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The goal is to overload the enemy and destroy it without logistical difficulties. A rather interesting call has appeared on the side of the US government focusing on external contracts, in which the Marine Corps is already looking for a drone-producing partner who could deliver products that meet the requirements in all respects. With the new tools, the range of possibilities would be thoroughly expanded and the weapon class would become much more powerful.

The use of drones is now part of everyday life, not only in civilian life but also in war, it is enough to think only of the Azerbaijani conflict, the outcome of which was due, among other things, to the small number of small tools used by the Azeri side. On the American side, a new project called Organic Precision Fires – Infantry Light is now being announced, in which the Marines want to acquire drones that do not require more than one launcher and operator, they can cooperate in large swarms, and the weapons used on the other side and could be deployed against both manpower. The call, published in recent days, lists these requirements, while various experts explain what is behind the idea.

According to some, the Marines want better tools, especially against the Chinese enemy, as they would allow them to be present not only in the South China Sea in the event of a conflict, but also after overcoming extensive land defense systems in the country. they should also have a chance against the other side. With the mass deployment of such and similar drones, they would effectively overload defense platforms, while the logistical problems of their own forces would not increase, as it is a very small, single-person-operated drone that would nevertheless be able to knock out opponents. Applying in large numbers would also allow larger groups of enemies to be captured and then diverted to designated zones where destruction would await them.

In recent years, the idea (accusation) of developing similar kamikaze drones has also been raised with the Russian and Chinese sides, but in this area we are still waiting to see what solutions each country will come up with.

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