The Slovak flying car flew successfully from Bratislava to Nitra

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Slovakia’s Klein Vision has been working for two years on a prototype flying car called the AirCar, and the company’s work appears to be coming to fruition.

The prototype of the AirCar flying car has successfully completed a test flight in Slovak airspace between the airports of Nitra and Bratislava. The BMW-powered, petrol-fuelled vehicle made the journey in 35 minutes, the BBC reported.

According to AirCar developer Stefan Klein, the vehicle can travel roughly 1,000 kilometres at an altitude of 2,500 metres. He said that the flying car has flown for 40 hours so far, which takes about 2 minutes 15 seconds to transform from a car into a plane.

According to the report, the AirCar can reach a top speed of around 170 km/h and can carry two people in the passenger compartment – provided they do not weigh more than 200 kilograms together. An important difference with other flying cars, however, is that it cannot take off and land vertically, it needs a runway.

The flying car was developed by Klein Vision. The company says the prototype took two years to build and cost just under €2 million.

Recently, a German Volocopter vehicle made a successful flight in Paris. The company plans to have Volocopters carrying passengers at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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