The new aircraft flies like a plane but lands like a helicopter

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Manta Aircraft’s planes have a range of up to 1,000 kilometres thanks to their hybrid propulsion, and despite their airplane-like shape, they take off and land vertically.

In 2020, Manta Aircraft of Switzerland presented the first members of the ANN family of aircraft, which combine the advantages of eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing) and small aircraft: they can take off and land from a single location or on a very short runway of less than 100 metres, but their shape is reminiscent of an aeroplane, making them easier to manoeuvre in the air and more manoeuvrable than their eVTOL counterparts.

The official designation of these aircraft is HeV/STOL, which stands for Hybrid-electric Vertical and Short Take-off and Landing. Hybrid propulsion is provided by a turbine that supplies electricity to the battery and electric motors, allowing the battery to be recharged on the fly, greatly increasing range.

According to the company, the planes will be able to travel up to 300-1000 kilometres non-stop in a single run, so they will not only be suitable for urban transport, but their reliability will also allow them to be used for tasks where speed and the ability to land in a small space are essential, such as the transport of donor organs, which will be carried out with the ANN2 in collaboration with the medical transport company Avionord.

First deliveries are expected after 2026, according to an announcement in March. The vehicles will help ensure that the organs can be delivered on time by company staff by avoiding road transport and using hospital helipads.

Manta Aircraft will also sell the aircraft for private use and is developing several platforms: a multifunctional two-seater version, a four-seater business model and the ANN-DRONE, which is suitable for surveillance or even agricultural work and will be available with a fully automatic system in the future.


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