The Lilium landing site in Florida is already under construction

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It is planned that from 2025, passengers will be transported by the German Lilium Aviation electric flying taxi, the Lilium Jet. Its first stop will be built in Florida. Five years ago, Lilium Aviation in Germany began developing the flying taxi, and since then, work has progressed very well. The plans for the Lilium Jet were first introduced to the public in 2016, which by May 2019 had already passed several important tests, and a year ago we were already able to see how it rises high.

The company has just announced it will be the first in the United States to build a “transportation hub” that would serve the passenger traffic they generate in the future. The roughly 5,200-square-foot building would be completed in Orlando, Florida, and if all goes according to plan, a five-person electric flying taxi would carry passengers from 2025 onwards.

The node could cost $ 25 million and would be built in conjunction with Tavistock Development Company. The Orlando Business Journal reports that the costs will be borne by the company, while Orlando supports them in the form of tax breaks: $ 831,250 over nine years.

It is planned that the Lilium Jet will take passengers to Tampa, which currently means roughly an hour and a half of driving, but a flying taxi can cover the distance in 30 minutes.

The structure can cover roughly 300 kilometers with a single charge. What’s really great is that the Jet can travel relatively quickly, up to 300 kilometers / hour, and you can land anywhere you don’t need a runway.

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