The flying car already has a license plate

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Only two can fit in it and it costs as much as a Rolls-Royce, but in return you don’t have to mess with it in the traffic jam.For the first time in 2016, it was heard that a certain company called PAL-V would soon come up with a vehicle that could be used as both a car and a flying device. Since then, developments have been uninterrupted, with the result that a series-produced version of the PAL-V Liberty can now be seen in the license plate and flight identification version at the Geneva Motor Show.

The PAL-V Liberty is a three-wheeled car by default, which can be converted into a gyrocopter in 3-5 minutes of operation and then immediately ascended into the air with its help. The drive is provided by two Rotax engines, which can also run on standard Euro 95, Euro 98 and E10 fuel.When used as a car, the new two-seater, which weighs just 664 kilograms empty, is capable of a 0-100 acceleration of 9 seconds and a top speed of 160 km / h. A vehicle requiring 180 meters for take-off and 30 meters for landing can fly in the air at speeds of up to 160-180 km / h at altitudes of up to 3.5 km.

By default, the 4x2x1.7-meter PAL-V Liberty rotor is 10.75 meters in diameter. As a car, you can count on a range of about 1,300 kilometers, and in the air you can cover up to about 500 kilometers with a full tank.Liberty is designed to meet the standards for cars and aircraft in both Europe and the United States. The price of the special vehicle, which promises a premium interior, is converted into about 100 million forints.

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