The first flying motorbike will soon be ready

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Most modern aircraft are still in the testing or design stage. But Jetpack Aviation’s latest innovation has already passed its first test. After jetpacks, or backpack rockets, the US company JetPack Aviation has taken its next exciting project a step further: it wants to build an engine-like vehicle that can fly and, of course, has a passenger, according to autoevolution.

The Los Angeles-based company has now completed a prototype of the vehicle, the Spdeeder, which will be lifted by four separate turbines. The monstrosity is controlled by the company’s proprietary software, which, according to the official statement, is the result of 18 months of work. The machine is not yet ready, but development is well under way: a recent test has already taken it flying.

To do this, the specialists used straps to secure the base of the vehicle, which not only took off, but was also able to turn and hover stably. According to company founder David Mayman, the prototype’s chassis is only so big because it is being tested, and the final product will be much smaller. And what will it look like ?

JetPack envisages that their flying engine will lift at least 200 kilograms and travel at 300 kilometres per hour. Flying, you mean. The device will not include batteries, as they are already unreliable for such projects. The company expects to sell the flying motor at a price of 380,000 dollars each, but initially it will only be available to the army and rescue services. It is not yet known exactly when.

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