The first flying cars in the US were given the green light

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The U.S. state of New Hampshire now allows “non-traditional means of transportation” to participate in road traffic. Translated into ordinary language, it is about flying cars, writes the car section of the online edition of the largest Italian daily, the Corriere della Sera.

Although not many flying cars exist yet, a law to project the future is already being drafted in the United States. And in the state of New Hampshire on the northeast coast, flying cars have already been allowed. Legislation HB 1182 was signed by Governor Chris Sununu, opening a new era in car transport.

The possibility, according to the view there, is to “extend the freedom of transport”. At the same time, the participation of flying cars in traffic is kept within strict limits. In this case, there can be no question of self-driving technology.

Under New Hampshire’s new regulations, only a person with a private pilot’s license can sit at the wheel of a flying car. This also applies to ground transport. The owner of the car must not be able to ascend or land with the device at will. Take-off and landing can only take place at airports.

The big advantage over a traditional plane, however, is that once you’ve landed, you can immediately continue your journey home by road. Flying cars must have an identification code equivalent to the aircraft, i.e., a registration mark on the tail section, and must comply with U.S. Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

With the bill, 45-year-old Republican Governor Chris Sununu has literally paved the way for a sector that, although still light in weight, has not really been able to gain a foothold due to a lack of regulation, but could be one of the ways forward for transport. .

New Hampshire’s decision was received with great enthusiasm by American businesses interested in the industry. Above all, the Massachusetts-based but Chinese-owned company Terrafugia, which has been on the market for years with its “road plane,” Transition. In addition, two more companies are ready to launch: Samson Sky, based in Oregon, and PAL-V in the Netherlands, which makes a flying car called the Liberty.

“The adoption of the legislation is a milestone in the history of motoring. The state of New Hamphsire will be a pioneer in new transportation technology. People have been waiting for this breakthrough for decades, ”said Sam Bousfield, CEO of carmaker Samson Sky.

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