The A2Z Drone Delivery technique

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The A2Z Drone Delivery is the name of the RDS1 (Rapid Delivery System) delivery mechanism based on free-fall using a rope. The company recently made its first commercial flight in partnership with DroneUp. The technology was originally designed for the ultra-fast delivery of first aid and life-saving medical supplies in areas where landing a drone would prove problematic – be it from a boat or in dense forest, for example. But DroneUp has also used this method to deliver canned Coca-Cola products in Coffee County, Georgia, USA.

Aaron Zhang, founder of A2Z Drone Delivery, said the unique capabilities of the RDS1 are precisely tailored to these types of residential deliveries. Thanks to its tethered lowering, the drone can deliver the package accurately and quickly while avoiding people, houses, trees or wires. DroneUp chose RDS1 technology primarily for its speed. This means that delivery at the destination takes only 30 seconds, while the package lands gently without damage. And the LIDAR sensor system continuously transmits the data to the on-board firmware that controls the rapid descent.

Like the DJI Matrice 600 Pro, the RDS1 is designed for payloads of up to 2 kilograms and can fly up to 3.5 kilometers range. Prior to delivery, the A2Z’s transport system’s weight control function ensures overload avoidance and controls the speed at which the package is lowered. Zhang believes this could be particularly useful for deliveries to forest search and rescue teams or cargo ships waiting in ports, among others.

In addition, the RDS1 continuously monitors the payload during the execution of the “mission”, enabling beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations. And thanks to its safety lock, the package remains in place at all times.The RDS1 easily connects to DJI Matrice 600 and 600 Pro drones, but can also be seamlessly integrated with other drone platforms once connected to the A27.

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