The first large-scale rocket backpack competition was organised

First jet suit race held in Dubai
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Jet Suit rocket backpack manufacturer Gravity Industries and Dubai Sports Council announced a month ago the launch of the Jet Suit Race Series, the first major Jet Suit competition to be held in Dubai, which will see participants wearing the company’s jetpacks. A similar event was previously held during last year’s Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix, but only three drivers took part and the race was more of a demonstration.

The Revolutionary Roller-Quadrotor: A Chinese Hybrid Unicycle with Military Applications

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China’s engineering prowess is showcased in the latest innovation emerging from the laboratories of Zhejiang University: the Roller-Quadrotor. This remarkable hybrid vehicle combines the principles of a monocycle with those of a quadrotor, resulting in an adaptable and versatile mode of transportation for both ground and air travel. The unique design effectively addresses the limitations of traditional surface robots and drones, providing an ideal solution for a variety of applications.