Betavolt’s Groundbreaking Nuclear Battery

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In an era where the demand for uninterrupted power is escalating, Betavolt, a visionary startup based in Beijing, has taken a significant leap in battery technology. The company has developed the BV100, a nuclear battery smaller than a coin, promising to revolutionize how we power our devices. This innovative battery, utilizing the energy from decaying nickel-63 isotopes and a diamond semiconductor, can potentially supply power for an astonishing 50 years without the need for charging or maintenance.

Former SpaceX engineers build a nuclear microreactor

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Radiant’s microreactor can be deployed anywhere and used by both the military and civilians – a new era in energy. One of the most interesting trends in the energy sector lately has been micro-reactors or nuclear batteries (NB). Microreactors reflect a completely new approach, as the tendency so far has been to build huge and expensive power plants capable of generating a lot of energy, and then deliver it to the consumer. The next stage is modular reactors, which can be built more quickly from prefabricated components but deliver slightly less energy than conventional reactors.