Stratolaunch’s hypersonic vehicle launched for the first time

Stratolaunch's Talon
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The company did not say exactly what speed the vehicle accelerated to, but said it was close to Mach 5. Stratolaunch was founded in 2011 by Microsoft co-founders Paul Allen and Burt Rutan to provide customers with a service for high-speed testing of aircraft. To this end, the company built the Roc cargo plane in partnership with Scaled Composites, which is known for its huge size: the plane is 117 metres wide, equipped with six Boeing 747 engines and has a carrying capacity of 226 796 kg. The twin-aisle aircraft is the largest wingspan aircraft currently in service and has already taken off 14 times in various tests.

Czech hybrid aircraft takes off for the first time

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Zuri started developing its hybrid aircraft in 2017, and a few months ago it finally took to the skies. A number of companies are working to revolutionise transport. Not just electric cars and flying cars, but also flying vehicles that can get from one point to another in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way than today.