360-speed flying cars will race against each other next year

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Australian Start-up Alauda Aeronautics is set to launch an Airspeeder competition, where flying cars will compete against each other next year. The electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles have already completed over 350 test flights and are powered by a one MW hydrogen turbo-generator and four wheel-like rotors that can be adjusted for vertical or horizontal flight. The Airspeeder Mark 4, the fourth-generation development of the vehicle, boasts an “artificial intelligence-powered gimbal thrust technology” that provides the precision of a Formula 1 car or fighter jet, making it maneuverable for racing.

First drag race with flying racing cars

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Slowly, but surely, Alauda Aeronautics’ grand concept of “Formula 1 in the air” is beginning to take shape. Earlier this year, the Australian company unveiled the Airspeeder Mk3, the next version of which is planned to be ready for live competition next year. In these competitions, the flying race cars would be driven by pilots in the cockpit, with a number of safety precautions. To this end, Alauda is also working with Acronis, which is developing a lidar system for the Airspeeder that will prevent the planes from colliding with each other in the air.