Swedish model: full production capacity of the first commercially available flying car by 2022

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All production capacity has been filled and Jetson Aero will only take delivery in 2023. Most of the customers for the first model were from California, but there were also Italian and Spanish customers. The Jetson ONE is priced at $92,000.

The Swedish Jetson Aero’s mission is to change the way we travel every day, according to the company’s website. Their safe, electric aircraft are designed for individual customers, making flying easy for anyone. “In 10 years, this is what people will be replacing their classic land vehicles with,” says Peter Ternstorm, the company’s founder and president. But he adds in a statement that the regulatory environment would have to adapt.

According to Jetson Aero’s inventor and head of technology development, Tomasz Patan, the one-person vehicle can be piloted in five minutes. All you need are two joysticks to control it, one to move up and down and the other to change direction. The Jetson ONE is priced at $92,000 today, with a $22,000 buy-in to book production. The committed ride time is currently 20 minutes.

The first prototype was completed in spring 2018 and has now evolved into a more sophisticated, absolutely consumer-friendly product. The Jetson ONE has become a commercially viable electric aircraft that anyone can buy and become a pilot immediately.

The company is continuously working on functional improvements to the product, such as the ability to carry more passengers in a future model, and other practical improvements are also expected. Jetson was founded by Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan in 2017.

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