Sustainable kerosene production could start in Russia

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Several major Russian airlines, Gazprom and Airbus have signed agreements to boost the development and use of alternative jet fuel in the country. According to Flightglobal, along with Aeroflot and S7 Airlines, cargo carrier Volga-Dnepr is working with Airbus and Gazprom Naft on the programme. They will also be joined by the National Research and Development Centre.

The fuel producer will start experimental production of sustainable kerosene at its plants in Moscow and Omsk, with the first flights using this fuel expected to take off in Russia by 2024 at the latest. According to the statement, both Gazprom and Aeroflot have justified the move by citing the need to gradually switch to environmentally friendly technologies in the Russian market, in line with international standards. Gazprom has already started research on alternative fuels and wants to offer a more environmentally friendly product for all segments of transport.

The local Airbus representative stressed that to achieve carbon neutrality in aviation, all market players need to work together, and this cooperation is a good example of this. He added that their aircraft can currently only use up to 50% sustainable kerosene, but that work has already started to ensure that Airbus aircraft will soon be able to fly exclusively on alternative fuels. Preliminary results show that when sustainable kerosene is burned, fewer micro-particles are emitted into the air and the fuel has a lower density but a higher energy content, so less of it needs to be burned.

Source: Flightglobal

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