Special water-air vehicle

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This half boat, half plane will offer a super-fast alternative to travelling between coastal cities. The Boston-based company Regent has unveiled the Seaglider, an all-electric powered plane that flies directly over water. According to the company, the seaglider, which is built for affordability, will have zero emissions and will soar through the air at staggeringly high speeds.

The hovercraft-like seaglider has a range of 290 kilometres and can reach speeds of no less than 290 km/h over open water, roughly six times faster than a conventional ferry. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, Mark Cuban, also known as a technology black marketeer, didn’t hold back his enthusiasm when he said that coastal transport will be about 100 times more efficient thanks to the Regent’s electric vehicle.The revolutionary maritime shuttle could be on the market sometime in 2025.

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