Special-purpose flying car

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A company has developed a flapping fan to power flying cars. A special turret fan has been developed by Volerian to prove that propellers are not the only way to power a flying car. From Airbus to NASA to Germany’s Volocopter, there are many companies and organisations aiming to modernise aviation. This is what the US company Volerian is trying to do, but the company is thinking of a very unique solution.

The company is developing a vertical take-off and landing flying taxi that rises into the air not with propellers but with blades that move rapidly left and right. Volerian is inspired by the movement of birds’ wings, just as the first aeroplanes were at the dawn of flight. The only difference is that it could be more efficient,” Gizmodo reports.

To prove its point, the company has developed a special tower fan. Instead of rotating parts, fast-moving blades blow the air. In front of each of these are fixed but rotating shafts that help air flow through every part of the room.

The company claims that what at first sight seems like an odd device is actually much more efficient than its rivals. Volerian calculates that it can move twice as much air as other similar designs for the same amount of energy, while also being quieter and safer to operate.

The company has now launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise £7,000. Pre-orders are available for £229.

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