Solar powered airplane

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They were the first to make a free fall from a solar-powered electric plane. He took on board with two people on board the SolarStratos small pilot this summer and rose to 1,520 meters when team founder Raphael Domjan jumped out of the plane. The team said Domjan fell in a free fall for a few hundred meters and accelerated to more than 150 kilometers per hour before releasing his parachute and landing safely.

They said the jump was intended to demonstrate that sports such as skydiving, such as parachuting, can also be played without greenhouse gases that warm the climate. Emissions from kerosene-powered machinery are currently responsible for about 2 percent of carbon emissions attributable to human activity. The goal of the SolarStratos team is to fly the single-propeller aircraft with 22 square meters of solar panels all the way to the stratosphere at an altitude of 20,000 meters in 2022.

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