Sky Cruise – the fusion reactor-powered air hotel

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The Sky Cruise is essentially a huge vehicle designed for luxury, but it doesn’t travel on water or even in space, just in the air. It is designed to accommodate over 5,000 guests, and passengers can spend time on board in a variety of ways: trendy restaurants, a huge shopping mall, gyms, theatres, swimming pools, health and wellness facilities, event spaces and much more.

Of course, the views are second to none. The idea is to have 20 electric motors in the air, powered by a small fusion reactor, so that there is rarely a need to land and passengers would not be on the ground, but would be transported to this air hotel by commercial or private aircraft. Will this concept ever become a reality? There is no practical fusion reactor at the moment, and some commentators during the video also said that such a plane could never get off the ground – so the answer is uncertain in the lower register, but one can dream.

Source: futurism

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