Renault 4 made into a flying car

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The Renault 4’s anniversary year is coming to an end, but the ideas for the 60-year-old car just keep coming. This time they’ve made a flying car out of it Recently, a Renault 4 was turned into a mobile studio: the semi-transparent car was a light air of lightness. The ominous black paintwork of the conversion on show doesn’t even hint of that airy freedom, but it’s all the more airy now: this car can fly, at least in principle.

The flying car, built in collaboration with specialist TheArsenale, is actually a copy of the R4: the period-looking body is made of carbon fibre composite to make it as light as possible, and the wheels have been removed because they are not needed. In their place, the vehicle has a pair of twin propellers, evenly spaced along the four body extensions. There is no door, instead the entire cabin tilts forward to allow entry. Alone.

Air4 is electric, of course. It has a battery capacity of 90 Ah and a horizontal cruising speed of 26 m/s, or 93.6 km/h. When in motion, the vehicle tilts forward at an angle of 45 degrees (so it moves forward), but it can also tilt up to 70°. The maximum flight altitude is 700 metres and it can take off at 14 m/s (50.4 km/h). Landing speed is 3 m/s (10.8 km/h). The rotors lift 95 kg each, for a total of 380 kg.


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