People rescue flying car

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Flying car prototypes have been made in a row for the last hundred years, but none of them have looked so good yet!

Israeli Urban Aeronautics ’car-sized rescue drone, according to the manufacturer, can carry a total weight of up to five hundred kilograms at speeds of up to 185 kilometers per hour, which could be medicine, food, or some injured people whose quick hospitalization could save their lives.

Named after the Cormorant, the Cormorant AUV made its first successful test flight back in November 2017, but the onboard sensors were not yet perfect, in fact, the aircraft even had to meet some industry standards, so the series-ready model is not expected to be delivered by 2020.

The advantage of the machine over helicopters is its remote control and construction, because unlike the large, free-spinning rotors, several small, protected rotors hold the machine in the air, so it can slip through even high-voltage cables without danger.

Rafi Yoeli, the head of 39 patent companies, is sure to be a success, so we may only have to wait a few years for the first giant drones.

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