Mitsubishi and Zero Avia develop hydrogen propulsion for regional models

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The two companies are jointly developing a zero-emission engine, which could even be retrofitted. The project will benefit from the achievements in fuel cells of ZeroAvia, the UK-US leader in hydrogen propulsion, and the Japanese subsidiary of Mitsubishi, the largest maintenance organisation in the CRJ family, will share its expertise in aircraft design, certification and customer support.

It is planned to make hydrogen power available not only for new aircraft, but also for those already in service. ZeroAvia will be able to further expand its market segment, as major airlines may now also show interest in its products.

The company has so far completed more than 35 test flights with its six-seater Piper M-class aircraft and is currently in the process of converting its 19-seater Dornier 228, which is due to take off in a few months. The market introduction of a powerplant of this size could take place in 2024, followed by a unit designed for 50-80 seat aircraft in 2026, with the regional market expected to be served from 2028.

Source: MHI RJ Aviation Group

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