Life-saving drones

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The idea of ​​life-saving drones is nothing new, and now here’s the Sonin Hybrid solution with flight speeds over 220 km / h.

In situations where every second counts between life and death, it is very important to get help at the right time. Unfortunately, this sometimes takes longer than is available, which is why they are constantly researching the possibility of shortening the minutes of arrival at the venue. According to the Sonin Hybrid, life-saving drones racing at nearly 230 km / h can help a lot. The Atlanta-based company’s tools called Recruit Drone help provide security for those who seek and stay at the scene. Their flight is aided by a patented gasoline-electric system. Lifesaving drones are equipped with a 4K camera with 30x optical and 12x digital zoom. Accordingly, a more problematic location can be known before human help arrives, so ambulances, police, firefighters have the right information when approaching.

Additional equipment for the Recruit Drone includes an infrared camera for working in night or poor visibility conditions, as well as a speaker and work light. And thanks to hybrid technology and a carbon fiber chassis, life-saving drones can stay in the air much longer than their electric-powered counterparts. Sonin Hybrid founder Curtis Foster said there are very few drones on the market that help save lives, so there was no question in which direction their technology would be developed.

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