Let’s get ready that more and more drones will deliver goods

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Henry Ford stated in 1940, listen, the combination of an airplane and a car is coming! The carmaker has been teased a lot for his frivolous promise, but a hundred years later his prediction will come true.

Although the flying car is waiting for itself for a while, it has its forerunners, and we are advancing faster and faster in the technology needed to create it. Cargo drones have been used for years, and the batteries, software and safety systems required for self-propelled cars provide the basis for self-propelled vehicles, whether moving on the ground or in the air.

There are still problems to be overcome: there are still a few battery-powered drones that can carry more than 5 kg of weight. Manufacturing costs, vehicle noise, and vertical take-off should be reduced to avoid the need for a runway. There is already a large aircraft factory that has announced it is developing “flying taxis”, another company is trying a helicopter solution. Who has written a tender to improve the “urban air mobility” of the U.S. Space Agency, NASA, and to convince the public about the safety of such semi-self-propelled vehicles.

It is expected that these new vehicles will be used for the first time in freight transport as they have they must meet fewer conditions for a permit to fly. This will be a great help to shippers who have the biggest (and most costly) hassle of delivering the goods to the consignee in the last kilometer in a crowded urban environment.

With the proliferation of “flying cars”, they will be able to compete with car rentals and airlines in the short and medium term in terms of goods and journey times. Because such a vehicle can cover four times the distance in a day as a car, they can also revolutionize car-sharing systems.

Analysts say self-driving “flying cars” will spread by 2040. The area is very attractive to investors: the market is estimated to be between $ 1.5 trillion and $ 2.9 trillion by 2040.

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