It flies and rolls

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More and more people are designing flying cars. AeroMobil 3.0 is a Slovak development. AéroMobile 3.0 stands its ground as both an airplane and a car. Two steering wheels were built into it. The biggest challenge is getting on and off, as you need a runway a few hundred meters away.

We have made several prototypes, it is time to come up with a feasible, realistic version. I tested it myself. It delivers fantastic performance both in the air and on the ground, said inventor Stefan Klein.

AeroMobil 3.0 was recently unveiled in Vienna. The wingspan of the 450-kilogram structure is 8.2 meters. He flies 700 kilometers with a tank. It consumes 8 liters per car and 15 liters per plane.

We do not want to create a flying car or a plane that also functions as a car. We want to introduce a new category next to a motorcycle or a car. It’s a stand-alone vehicle, not a disabled car or a handicapped plane, the designer explained.

The AeroMobil team is confident that special runways will be built next to airports, highways and larger cities. They hope that the lack of infrastructure and the difficulty of safety regulation will not prevent the project from taking off.

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