In the United States, it is possible to operate a one-seat aircraft without obtaining a pilot’s license.

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The Dragon’s RotorX eVTOL is similar to the Jetson One in terms of design and operation, but it can only accommodate one passenger, has a flight time of 20 minutes on a single charge, and is powered by 16 kW motors with eight rotors. It can be controlled using a joystick, except during landing when it can be set to automatic mode. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the aircraft is classified as ultralight, so no pilot’s license is needed to operate it.

An ultralight aircraft is a type of aircraft that is designed to be lightweight and have a maximum speed of less than 55 knots (101.9 km/h). The RotorX is an example of an ultralight aircraft that has a maximum speed of slightly over 100 km/h and is not very heavy due to its simple design. However, the lightweight structure of the RotorX limits its ability to carry heavy loads, so the pilot’s weight should not exceed 113 kilograms. The design of the RotorX may not provide the best protection for the pilot in case of an emergency, but the manufacturer has included safety features such as a parachute to help protect the pilot.

The RotorX can be pre-ordered now for $100,000 and will be delivered to customers in kit form for them to assemble themselves. However, for safety reasons, the company will also offer on-site assembly and training. In the US, a pilot’s license is not required to operate the RotorX, but certain rules must be followed, such as avoiding congested areas and not carrying passengers. There is not enough space on the RotorX to accommodate passengers. Dragon will start delivering the RotorX next year.

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